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Art for Life

commercial art for sale

I would like the believe that everyone hangs and displays art on their walls.  Unfortunately, it seems like there has been a massive over-saturation
of cheap mass produced art that is being force fed to the majority of people out there.  As an artist, a business owner, a father, husband and lover of great art; I wanted to build a website that made it easy for someone to find some great art for home, business, or whatever at a reasonable price.

Art for home or business
Art for living room

Whether you are looking for a great piece of art for your house or business, I want to help you find what you are looking for.
I have over a decade of experience working with interior designers, home builders, business owners and home owners who
have a good idea of what they are looking for when it comes to the art that they choose to display. Many of my clients have used
my art for home use.

Every room in your house could use at least one great piece of art.

Finding the right piece of art can take some time, especially if you know what you are looking for.

Over the years I have had the pleasure to work with hundreds of customers, and have been able to create a large amount of custom
art that fit the clients wants and needs.

You can find original canvasses, reproductions, and prints that will fit your needs.

Inspirational Art
custom abstract art

As you browse the store you will be able to find everything from game room art, fan art, abstract art, as well as some real funky art
that could be the perfect fit for your home or office.
I want to be able to provide the highest quality of creativity along with functionality for your lifestyle.

Custom Art Commissions

mermaid painting
If you do not see anything that fits what you are looking for , feel free to contact me about doing some custom art for home, office, etc.

I am a pretty versatile artist, and can create just about anything you want.

All of my clients in the past have been ecstatic about the work that I have done for them.

No request is too weird or obscure.

Mural Art

star wars murals

I love doing murals.  If you have a wall that you want some art done on, I would love to to talk to you more about your idea.
I have done everything from sci-fi walls, video game art, super technical fonts and logo’s as well as super hero inspired walls.
I am always looking for a challenging and fun project to work on.

Thanks for choosing this as your go to site for great art, and thank you again for supporting a local artist.

Max Juhasz
Artist and Founder